Tri-Community Photography School.

Thank you to all who attended the seminar on Sunday. I hope I could answer all your question and dont hesitate to email me for more info. Every one made me fee like home. Thank you again.

Here are the links to keep in mind. this is where you can get your program with your student ID and a great price for the Wacom Tablets too. It seem the sale they had two weeks ago is over but keep checking they always have great deals for wacom tablets.

This is also another place where you can get a good tablet. On Sale

Jerrys artderama where I get the acrylic.

canvas on demand for the canvas.

Brushes.. for the Photoshop version. Make sure you save them where you can find it like a folder or even the desktop. To install them just go to the brush and load the brush a browse where you saved it.

If you have any questions you can leave them on the comments area I will answerthem and this way we can all learn at the same time.

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